Gioconda has over 15 years’ experience in providing Desktop Signal Sighting and Driver Briefing Packages to the UK Rail Industry and for the past 4 years we have been extending this to Australia and Europe.

Current Projects
  • Wales and Borders Core Valley Lines
  • Norwich Yarmouth Lowestoft Re signalling
  • Aberdeen to Inverness Stage Four
  • Ashford International S and C
  • Skye Road Australia
  • West Anglia Main Line
  • Four Lines Modernisation Chiltern Lines
  • Brighton Mainline
  • Mernda Australia

Our Services

Asset Mapping

A powerful tool and process for inspecting the railway as part of the design process.

Signal Sighting

SSC Chair and Form creation
Desktop Signal Sighting (HD & VR)
Signal Immunisation

BIM & 3D Modelling

Gioconda 3D modelling is a standalone service for all aspects of construction related 3D visualisation and virtual models

Driver Briefing

Gioconda’s Driver Briefing Packs have become a standard requirement for UK projects.