Desktop HD Signal Sighting from Gioconda

Gioconda is by far the most experienced supplier of Desktop Signal Sighting in the UK and are establishing ourselves in the Australian and European sectors.

Our signal sighting service is a complete process for form creation to sign-off.

  • SSC Chair and Form creation
  • Desktop Signal Sighting (HD & VR)
  • Signal Immunisation
  • SSC Committee and

The desktop approach has become the norm for many projects and our aim is to provide a cost-effective and efficient service supported by qualified and experienced signalling professionals. We aim to be a One Stop Shop for all signal sighting requirements and as part of this we are able to provide:

  • SSC Chair and SSF form creation for manual or desktop signal sighting.
  • Provision of Desktop Signal Sighting data & tools
  • Existing Signal visual immunisation via desktop approach
  • Hosting of Signal Sighting Meetings – including provision of hardware etc
  • SSC member training for Video & VR based signal sighting tools

The G-RAST (Gioconda Route Assessment & Sighting Tool) is our prime software suite and covers,

  • Mapping review
  • SSF Forms
  • HD Signal Sighting tools

The G-VST (Gioconda Virtual Sighting Tool) works with the G-RAST and provides a platform to deliver and manipulate our 3d Sighting models.

In addition we have provided other free of charge software tools which can be downloaded here