Gioconda are now filming with 4K resolution video imagery at up to 60 frames per second.

UHD 4K contains approximately 4 times the number of pixels (3840×2160) compared to standard HD (1920×1080) and when used with the higher shutter speeds gives us pinpoint information when filming at higher speeds.

This is the next level of image capture for the railway industry benefitting Video Asset Survey, Signal Sighting and Driver Briefing into CP6

Technical stuff:

  • Full frame sensors allow the camera to capture the maximum amount of light during shooting.
  • Fast shutter speeds of 1/8000 sec. give a clear crisp image even at high 70mph speeds.
  • Hi quality glass and fast lenses add to the sharpness of the image to deliver the impressive 4K resolution.
  • Cameras are remote controlled and can be placed almost anywhere inside or outside the cab.
  • Multiple hours of uncompressed footage can be recorded to external SSD drives.

Please see some samples below – but remember, if you are not using a 4K screen you may not see the full quality of the images!!

Trouble viewing the video?

Download it here:  Gioconda 4K Video Sample

4K Screenshots..