Stafford Driver briefing model

Enhanced 3D Models

Our enhanced 3D is superb for communicating to the public and interested parties the visual impact and design benefits of a project. It can be used for video, TV, billboards, printed promotion material and online visuals. We have a track record of producing imagery for public consultations and presentations and large-scale prints.

For optimum realism our Enhanced 3D can be superimposed onto hi-res photos and videos to give as much detail as possible.

If a 3D model has been built for signal sighting we can easily enhance it to suit the needs of any presentation. Where a driver briefing model will also be required the cost of enhanced models can be offset against this.

Constructability, Stage Works & 4D Modelling

Our 3D models are ideal for many other aspects of the design & construction process. Programmed works, possessions and sequences can easily be represented in 3D prior to the event. These can be used for 4D analysis, workforce training & awareness and general presentation purposes. These spatial models are full 3D and based on site grid co-ordinates. Finite detail can be added for constructability checks and installation plant added for spatial awareness. Utilities and services often conflict, especially if underground, and through 3D modelling many of these clashes can be designed out. If required, the project programme can be linked directly to the model or it can be standalone for a particular stage or phase. Temporary works and layouts can viewed and assessed and even output as video for staged driver briefing.

The production of these models is a cost efficient add-on if models have been built for Signal Sighting and can aid the construction planning process.