Great Western Electrification

7th October 2014

Network Rail are currently working towards electrifying the Great Western route.  The route is one of the oldest and busiest in Britain and when complete will be greener, quieter and more reliable for passengers.

This is a example of a video that we have created for the Great Western Electrification Project. This job involves filming multiple routes from the drivers POV .  We then take this footage back to the studio to digitally add in the signals and OLE structures for the new layout of the station. To start with this is done as an alpha track.

Next we overlay the alpha graphic to the video which allows us to confirm structure heights and offsets.  When viewing you will see that on approach to the station the structures in the distance appear in front of the station and not behind.

Lastly we obscure the structures that should be hidden behind buildings by masking through the alpha track.  The journey now appears natural.  The extra work of obscuring for this particular video took 1 day to complete.